Smart Phone

Districthive's Colony fully operates using its Apple and Android APP called "DISTRICTHIVE". You can not book or access the podtel if you do not have a smartphone, internet connection and our app installed. There is no way around this. You must download, install and login to the app prior to your visit.
Click here to download.

Security Deposit

It is Districthive's policy to authorise and block 500 EUR on your card to cover any damage, negligence, smoke damage and missing items. It is not possible to stay at the podtel without this.
The local host will clean and inspect the podtel after you check out to confirm that the are no claims against you before releasing your deposit back to your card.

Read Notes

You must read and agree to all the information below in full before your stay.


Districthive's Colony is a space for humans to recharge and connect with breathtaking tranquil nature in luxury with total comfort and access to technology. Each podtel is set amidst stunning landscapes with privacy, parking and usually near beautiful local towns.

Tiny house

Our "Colony", a smart tiny house Pod hotel we call podtel is fully equipped, has 45 sqm of utilisable space and 30 sqm of that is indoor. It sleeps a family of four, one double space-bed, and 2 single hidden beds. Each member of your booking is able to gain user access to the App to control the podtel.

DistrictHive APP & A.I.

The Colony is A.I. powered by the Districthive APP available on Apple or Android mobile devices. You cannot book or gain access without a smart phone. Control entry, lighting, temperature, sound, aromas, TV; concierge and energy management.


The Colony Podtel makes its own fresh clean water, our proprietary secret. We harvest solar energy to create over 25KW of electricty a day and store it in 45 KWh batteries for you to enjoy the podtel without shut down for 4 days without sun. We treat waste and convert it into ash and water for irrigation.


The Colony Podtel can be installed on practically any terrain, because it does not need connection to any public utility services to be able to function. The pod harvests green solar and wind energy to power our technologies. Some pods have connections to main's electricity as backup in the event of low battery energy.

On-demand purchases

The podtel contains over 12 food and drink dispensing lockers with curated food from around the world. You can purchase anything you like on demand by using the mobile APP. You can also print on demand. All prices will be shown on the APP prior to purchase.

Host & Concierge

A Concierge is available 24/7 on the APP to assist you with anything you need. The APP has a curated informations page on things to do, restaurants and recommendations. A podtel responsible local Host is in charge of cleaning, maintainance and emergencies.


The podtels have with 2 fully charged e-scooters that can be rented for a up to 6 hours use. Take it with you to explore local towns and cities. Keep them with you at all times and return to the locker when done to recharge. Eco-friendly travel, fast, free of traffic and parking costs. You must have a driving permit and advised to wear a helmet.


The podtels have external security cameras on all sides that record activity at all times, storing the data for future crime prevention.
We do not use the footage for anything except when required for investigations of incidents or to assist you when you are locked outside. There are no security cameras inside the pod for your security.

Anti-Gravity Floatation Tanks

We have a anti-gravity floatation tub outside on the deck which is filled with Epsom salts to increase bouyancy just like in the Dead Sea. It is therapeutic and hygienic: contains chlorine. Submerge yourself, float away, relax and unwind whilst soaking in the sun to de-stress.

Power Saving Mode

The state-of-art podtels generate solar electricity from the sun, however, sometimes due to bad weather, the batteries may not charge up. The A.I. will monitor consumption and predict depletion by turning down the lights or turning off the air con.

DistrictHive APP features:

Unlock entry door to Podtel.

Control all lighting.

Control all temperature.

Control aroma of pod.

Ask Amazon Alexa anything on demand.

Control all sound through Amazon Echo. Speak to the A.I. by just asking "Alexa" to "turn down the lights" or "increase the volume".

Information about Energy consumption of the Podtel.

Concierge Service on demand.

Curated information of things to do, places to go, restaurants to eat in and more.

Pay for extra services including e-scooter, food and drinks.

All booking history and other important information.

Podtel location and map.

All booking history and other information.

Share on social media platforms.


There is a double queen size space bed (sleeps 2) with a viewing window and sun shade. There are side tables with chargers for your devices and ambient lighting.
There is also 2 single hidden drawer beds that are ready for use and can be pulled out when needed for 2 extra guests.
All fitted with the most comofrtable mattresses, mattress protectors, pillows, duvet and the finest organic cotton sheets, duvet covers and protectors.

Electric Chargers

International power plugs and USB-plugs in at least 4 locations for you to charge all your devices anytime you need.


We have high speed cellular powered Wifi Internet for your use. *Fair usage polciy of 1GB per day, please do not use it for downloading heavy files in order to avoid being capped.

Heating & Air Conditioning

There is air ventilation, heating and air conditioning installed. You can use the APP to control it. Please note that it will automatically turn off after 1 hour of use to conserve energy. *Requires the Districthive mobile APP.

House Cleaning

The host will arrive everyday around 12pm local time to make up the beds, change towels and give the place a quickly clean down. Please ensure you request cancellation of servicing the day before from within the APP if you do not want to be disturbed.


Stream music to the A.I. powered bluetooth speakers. *Requires the Districthive mobile APP.


Select your room's fragrances / aroma from the APP! *Requires the Districthive mobile APP.

Sun shade & Block

The glass around the pod has a special reflective film that minimises sun light coming in and increases privacy.

Living Room

Multi-directional sofas, to watch TV, or just gaze outside the windows and astound in awe of nature's beauty.
Bean bag and tables provided for additional comfort.


We use very special incineration toilets. The way you use them is slightly different from what you are used to. You will be supplied with a special bowl liner paper to put in the toilet before using. Once you use the toilet paper and flush, it will disappear into the incineration chamber.


We use very efficient showers that only use just over a litre of water a minute by recycling and filtering over 80% of the water each time. The water is heated on demand.

Hot Water

The water is heated on demand so you always have hot water whenever you need it. It is available in the toilet sink, kitchen sink and shower.

Stargazing deck & Bean bag

There is a deck outside for you to relax and lie back using the bean bags provided in the living room. Star gaze at night, and read a book or top up your tan in the day.

Hammock & Nets

Each location will have a three people hammock for you to explore your surroundings and star gaze. Relax and read a book amidts nature, but please take your shoes off and do not smoke, or use sharp objects near the nets.

Modular locker walls

There are two modular walls, in the living room and kitchen as described in detail below. These walls and cabinets have stickers indicating their various use like luggage storage, shoes, iron and ironing board, fridge, cutlery and more.
The kitchen module walls has a food and drinks locker released on payment only, and other facilities like microwave, fridge, coffee/tea machine etc. See below.

Living Room Wall

Clothes hangers.

Clothes shelves.

Iron (steam) and ironing board.

Small bags and large luggage storage.

Shoes storage. *Do not enter the pod with muddy shoes. Take them off and place them inside the cupboard.

Bug spray, because when you live in the wild, you never know when you need it.

Kitchen Wall

Door access to toilets and shower with a mirror at the back.

Kettle (energy efficient).

Microwave (small).

Mini fridge stocked with complementary drinking water bottles.

iRobot vacuum cleaner: Comes on at midday to clean the pod.

E-scooter locker. *Accessed on payment on APP only.

6 food option lockers (ready meals). *Accessed on payment on APP only.

6 drink option lockers (bottled or canned). *Accessed on payment on APP only.

Valuables Locker. *Accessed by Phone APP only.

Tea & coffee pod machine with free pods for your use.

Extra storage.

Air conditioning and aroma machine vent.

Technical cupboard for staff use only.

Kitchen Isle

Electric Induction hob cooker.

Extractor Fan above.

Kitchen Sink with hot and cold water.

Washing machine & Dryer.

Cabinets and drawers for Cutlery, Plates, Utensils and other cooking equipment.

Fire and First Aid kit locker with extinquishers and fire blanket.

Pull-out Lounge Chairs


4 bath Towels.

2 hand towels.

1 shower floor mat.

Aèsop shampoo and showergel dispensers.

4 pairs of slippers.

4 Japanese Kimonos.

Toilet & Wash sink

Aèsop soap dispenser.

Replacement toilet tray paper.

Toilet bin.

Toilet paper.

Incinerating Toilet Lining Paper.

some locations are so wild, that we simply can not create parking near the Colony podtel, we will tell you in each case where you can leave your car during your stay.

Recharging humans amidst our stunning natural world across beautiful countries!